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This section contains spoilers for the third expansion, Shadowbringers.

I was fond of G’raha when I first played the Crystal Tower storyline for purely aesthetic reasons: I liked his character design. When I got to Shadowbringers I immediately suspected that he was the Exarch, but I had just enough doubt that I got to enjoy the slow buildup to the reveal. While I love a lot of characters in FFXIV, G’raha’s dynamic with the Warrior of Light immediately became one of my favorite aspects of the entire game. I don't strictly ship it — I really enjoy the platonic bond between them as well.

I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with the layout, other than entirely self-indulgent screenshots of my character and G'raha. Ultimately I went with multiple headers to show different periods of their relationship. The lyrics are from Florence + The Machine's No Light, No Light, which is such a song for this pairing.

Textures are from Unsplash photos. Background is by subtlepatterns. Thanks to Brodie for taking some of the screenshots used 💗


I'm happy to affiliate with any site or fanlisting related to Final Fantasy. Contact me if you're interested.